Lance Who?

I get to be proud of my husband quite often.

I’m lucky like that.

He’s a really good guy, he’s really good at his job, and gosh darn it…people like him.

He has accomplished a lot in his life, quite a bit in last year (most importantly snagging a super hot wife) but he achieved something this past Saturday that made me the most proud of him I’ve been in some time.

He rode from Denver to Beaver Creek on a bicycle in the pouring rain all by himself.

Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration.

He rode 120 miles from Evergreen to Avon on a Trek road bike.

And maybe it didn’t rain the WHOLE time.

Also, there were several thousand other people but for me it felt like it was just him.


ANYWAY I was an insanely proud wife all day long, almost started to cry like 100 (2) times.

Jon, his friend Aaron and their buddy Erik all completed the Triple Bypass in record great time and we had a blast celebrating them all day during and after the ride.  For those that don’t know the Triple Bypass is a 120 mile bicycle ride with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain.  It starts in Evergreen and climbs over Squaw Pass to Idaho Springs and on into Georgetown.  From there, it climbs over Loveland Pass to Frisco and over Vail Pass to the finish line in Avon (just past Vail and Beaver Creek).  It’s exhausting for your car to drive that far let alone for your legs to pedal you there.

Here are some photo’s from the day:

Aaron, Erik and Jon at an aid station after completing Squaw Pass…still looking good!Getting sun screened up like a good boy.  Sarah, Aaron and BaxterJon and AliAthletic husband and adoring wife : )
Junk in the trunk.  Aaron getting prepped for the next pass.A mess of cycles waiting while their owners refill water bottles.

Heading out for the next climb!

Look at those calves!  Surprising them at a random spot on the race with encouraging inappropriate signs!

LANCE WHO?  We got quite a few thumbs up for this one.

Thank goodness they’re still smiling!

Winding his way up the hill.They CLIMBED that shit.  Yeah – those mountains in the distance.  Crazy.Having some ‘lunch’ before continuing on!  We’re about 6 hours in at this point.

Baxter needed some hydrating as well.The WEEKEND WARRIORS’ dedicated road warriors.

Jon crossing the finish line 8 hours after starting the ride at 5:45 a.m.!The WEEKEND WARRIORS in all their sweaty drenched glory!

Don’t ask.Notice the 118.4 miles driven.  CRAZY I SAY!Time to celebrate!!!!So proud of that guy : )  Even though he has some serious helmet head.

We continued on with a huge dinner, several hours in the hot tub soothing sore muscles and a wonderful night at the Beaver Creek condo.  It was such a fun two days and if I didn’t stress it enough already – I was and am so proud of Jon for doing it.


4 thoughts on “Lance Who?

  1. JHH

    Absolutely Amazing! Good for you, Jon!!! I’m really proud of you too, always have been…but this just amazes me. Hugs.

  2. Emily

    I know this post is about John and I think he’s great but Ali, you make even a rain poncho look cute!

  3. Mom

    Your pride is contagious Ali!! Congratulations on the winning hardware Jon… no doubt due to the intense Minnesota training camp.


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