Shopping and Dreaming…

…will somebody please host an event to which I can wear the following?
I found this dress in J-Crew the other day and fell in love with it instantly.  I had to put it on, tried to justify buying it, then sadly handed it back to the salesman and pouted the rest of the day.  It doesn’t fit quite as tight as it looks on the model (go figure) or as it does on the mannequin (because they do that annoying pinning thing in the back) but it wore pretty effortlessly and comfortable.  The thing I love about neutral dresses like the one above is how versatile they are with dressing up or down.  I would dress this one down a bit and distract from the overwhelming girly-ness with this beautiful and on trend (told you Jon) indigo jacket from J-Crew.  I would get TONS of use out of this layering possibility.These shoes are where the ‘dreaming’ in the title come in.  I would truly love a well made pair of both black sandals and pumps to wear until the end of time.  They’re classic.  I chose these shoes for the outfit to add a whisper of edge and again to tone down the girly-ness in the dress.Well what can I say…once you start dreaming it’s hard to stop.  I found these beauties on the Hyde Park website that can be yours for a small fortune.  I am obsessed with rose gold (my wedding band is made of it) and love how the slight pink adds softness back in to the outfit.  Sparkly octopus clutch from Anthropologie?  J’adore.  How adorable is this outfit looking!Finally I would complete this look by stealing Leighton Meester’s face.

Just kidding, but I have had this look from Marie Claire saved on my desktop for a few weeks.  I have every intention of marching into Nordstrom cosmetics and demanding they make me look like her.  My hair color is close to hers and the pink and grey makeup would go amazing with all the things listed above.  This incredibly popular makeup palette from Sephora might be a good start for practice.

Now if only I could come up with looks like this from my own wardrobe.

Ohhhh to be rich.  Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Shopping and Dreaming…

  1. Julie

    Um, thanks a lot for posting that octopus clutch. Now I, too, have a hole in my heart that can never be filled. Sigh.


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