Hawaii Part 3 – Wedding Day!

Hi everyone!  Here are Jon, myself and a stop sign waiting for the party bus to take us to the wedding.  Aren’t our outfits lovely?  You can almost see all of them.  : )

Just reiterating what I said in the last post about every disastrous photo I am in.

I digress.

HERE IT IS!  The wedding post.  But first, another note about the photo’s before we begin.  Out of respect for the beautiful couple getting married, I’m only going to upload a few (a bunch) of my favorites from the ceremony and keep the rest just for them, at least until I get the go ahead from them and I’ll do a later post.

The day was perfect, even with the appointed resort photographer bossing everyone around and being as cheesy as is humanly possible.  He was the butt of everyone’s jokes for the rest of the night.  He also allowed me to appear completely competent, sane and totally awesome.  : )

Taylor and Amy were so gracious with wanting me to help document their day.  I really got my first taste of shooting a wedding and it was really really fun and addicting.  I was thrilled that they were so relaxed about the photo’s because it took a lot of the pressure off.  I tried to get the images I would have wanted were it my wedding while remaining as discreet as possible.

A few things I do realize:

I realize that I know them both, most of their friends and have met their families.  This makes things easier.  I also know that they are both attractive people getting married in Hawaii and that it’s pretty tough to mess THAT up.  What ELSE I realize (bear with me I’m about to compliment myself and it’s very hard) is that I have an ability to anticipate a shot and can wait to click the shutter until it counts.  I used to work for photographers who would shoot thousands of photos at a wedding, almost like a video, to be absolutely sure they didn’t miss anything.  To me, that’s not talent.  That’s risk management.  I am trying to believe in my talent.  For some reason it’s so so hard for me.  But I am so grateful to them for giving that tiny bit of belief to me.

Enough about that.  It’s wedding time.

The best part about this wedding is how relaxed and unpretentious it was.  Above we have Taylor’s beautiful sister Chelsea applying their momma’s makeup…on the bus…on the way to the hotel.  They’re both so adorable (love the yurman btw chels)!

The groom on the way to meet his bride.  Nerves?  Heat?  Both?  Who cares (have to give this photo credit to Jon…I had a horrible angle) it’s sweet.


Andy modeling like a pro in MY FAVORITE chairs from Restoration Hardware.  Love it.

I’m going to pretend they’re not talking about business. : )

That handsome guy?  He’s mine.  Sorry ladies.

Here we go!  Walking to the ceremony site…

My legs must look HORRIBLE for the amount the ‘photographers’ cut them out.

CUTIES!  Love them.

Ugh.  We’re truly less mental than this ‘looking every which way’ photo.  Sorry girls.

Here comes the Maid of Honor…

…here comes the bride…

It’s official!!The wedding took place a little way down the coast from Kaanapali in Wailea at Makenna Point.  I thought it was great they had the ceremony up on a bluff rather than your typical island wedding in the sand.  It provided such an amazing backdrop for their sunset wedding.After the ceremony we headed over to Duke’s for a intimate wine filled dinner with FABulous food.  The mens…as Leah would say.Oh weird!  It’s blurry and I’m in it!

Sister Love : )Amy’s beautiful sister giving a beautiful speech.Jon – Ryan – Taylor – Nick – Mark – AndyBonnie – Ali – Kelsey – Amy – Chelsea – Lauren – Leah – Janna

There we have it!  It was a great day with close friends that took place smack dab in the middle of an unbelievable vacation.  It was perfect.  Jon and I were so happy to be there with everyone, but we had some plans of our own that involved us flying out of Maui the next morning to visit Kauai for the first time!  Check back for some pictures of the MOST BEAUTIFUL of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in.



2 thoughts on “Hawaii Part 3 – Wedding Day!

  1. JHH

    This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing. So happy for the beautiful couple. Congratulations Taylor and Amy! Looks like you had another chance to enjoy a group of fabulous friends, a wedding and one another. Lucky ducks.
    Your talent is obvious Ali…you should cluck a little bit. You earned it.


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