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Monday Randomness

Alright people ~ I just passed the 1,000 pins mark on Pinterest and show no sign of stopping.  If you want to get in on the party, look over to your right and click follow me on Pinterest.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is then I’m sorry you simply CANNOT be helped.  If I’m the first to introduce you to it (doubtful) then I apologize because it’s absolutely going to suck your life into a black hole.

Second item of business…some pretty cherries to look at.

I’ve got some posts in the works for this week that are a bit less sporadic than this one, but I just had these few random things to cover.

Random things like THIS.  Click it.  For happiness.  It shows my wicked dance moves.  BTW it’s a gif from an awesome app called Gifboom.  Get it.

Lastly, I CAN’T stop listening to this song.

No…not Call Me Maybe.

THIS one.  It’s by yOya and it’s called Fireworks and it is best served really loud in a car preferably on the way to the lakes.  Enjoy and see you tomorrow.

01 Fireworks



It’s been on repeat all morning and I still can’t stop listening to it.

Blind Pilot is a band that I learned about from our friends Scott and Susan.  After we got engaged, Susie made Jon and I a CD full of songs that mattered in her and Scotts relationship.   It’s WAYYY more my style than Jons (which means it’s totally awesome) and I listened to it over and over on my solo drive up to Minnesota the week before our wedding.  I love it.

On it was this song by Blind Pilot:

3 Rounds and a Sound

I loved it so much that I considered using it somewhere in our wedding, maybe even as our first dance.  I am, however, an ardent non copier so I just couldn’t do it.  Plus we kind of always knew we would dance to this:

Glory Bound

Well Blind Pilot has a newish album out (released 9/13/11) and I really like the entire thing.  The song that’s been on repeat all day is this one:

01 Half Moon

Isn’t it lovely?   I love it.