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Giving Thanks


Thank you all so much for your incredibly awesome comments about the Obama photo’s!

I started wondering if I should watermark them on the blog so people can’t steal them.  Would that be distracting to people viewing them?  Maybe I wouldn’t do that to every photo I put on the blog, just the real ‘money makers’?  What do you think?


While I’m busy being a ME MONSTER, I’d like to share with you that after my post about cheese and love, THIS HAPPENED:




Yup.  That happened.  I double checked.

Shortly thereafter, this and this happened:



…and it was awesome.


It seems small.  I know that.

But when I sit alone, every day, staring at my computer trying to create something from nothing that I hope people will enjoy, it helps to get positive feedback from a completely random human that isn’t my mom.

It’s REALLY nice when that person happens to run your favorite restaurant, which is owned and operated by the same people who own and operate the top ranked restaurant in Colorado.

It’s EVEN NICER when they found the post all on their own, without knowing me or my blog, and without anybody telling them to look.

Thank you Chris for your kind words.  You(‘ve always) now have a life long patron of Pizzeria Locale.