A new challenge.

As some of you may know, I recently quit my job.


I immediately felt like I lost 20 pounds, all my muscles loosened for the first time in years, and I didn’t wake up to an instant feeling of anxiety and dread.

It was time.

Actually, the correct ‘time’ to quit passed longer ago than I’m willing to admit.  Better late than never I guess.

The job very much served its purpose for me and from it I gained relationships that I cannot imagine my life without.  That being said, it had become an absolutely toxic influence on my life, spreading negativity into every single available space.

It was time and since leaving I feel like I’ve got a new lease on life.

I’ve also got some time on my hands while I figure out my next move.

Enter Anna Karenina.

AnnaKarenina-1I have started this book approximately 14 times, usually get a good 80 pages in, and then I slowly quit.

Well, Keira Knightley is currently in starring in a movie adaptation of this book and it looks exactly like my favorite kind of film.  I can’t WAIT to see it.  I decided (after finding myself spending way to much time on pinterest lately) to spend an hour or so during my mornings alone attempting to finish this book.

My motivation?  I am not allowing myself to see the movie until I finish the book.

To get from here…


…to here…AnnaKarenina-4…takes reading this many pages.  Woof.AnnaKarenina-3Considering I want to see the film while it’s still in the theaters, I need to get my ass in gear.  Luckily for me I truly enjoy reading and have always been fast at it.  I just need to keep my interesest piqued in the slow moving, complicated, and epic storyline.  My books of choice lately have been embarrassingly easy reads (Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey) that I just blow through in a few days, so this 800 pager will be a brain stimulating change of pace.

I’ll keep you updated (it really just keeps me accountable) and I’d love it if somebody would join me!  Otherwise, wish me luck.

P.S. Have any of you ever read this book cover to cover?  What did you think?



1 thought on “A new challenge.

  1. Shelly Petrik

    Ali – just took it off the shelf. I’m game…..How many pages are you in for tonight? I’m committed to page 33…..go!


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