iPhone Photo Purging


I realized today that I have HUNDREDS of fun and random photo’s on my phone that have never seen the light of day.  I started at the beginning (early last summer) and I’ll randomly throw some up here and there until I catch up!

The INCREDIBLE stage at the U2 @ Invesco Field show.  BEST concert ever.  Definitely once in a lifetime.

Busted Marlo sleeping like this.

ALMOST to the top of a beautiful hike we took this last summer in Boulder.

Some beautifully unique foliage on our way to the top.  What a pine cone looks like before it looks like a pine cone.

My hiking companions leading the way – Matt – Katie – Jon

We made it!

Miss Livi on a ride at the MOA.  Yes I went with her – I’m her big sister!

A photo of my parents backyard the day we decided to have the wedding there! So beautiful and green!

MY Liz at a backyard BBQ.

Manna serenading her favorite girls : )

Jess and Max (who both just recently had a birthday)!

A simple photo showing how incredibly beautiful Minnesota is.  Wide open spaces.  It makes my heart ache.  There’s nowhere I liked driving alone more.

Fabric swatches from my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses that came with me everywhere for decision making purposes.

Tailgating at Red Rocks before the Ray LaMontagne show with my girls!  And our loyal photographer – Jon.

Awesome perspective photo from the show (by me).

Erin, Ashley, Ali and a creeper handlebar ‘stache.

Self portrait of my handsome husband and I at our friends Mike and Jen’s mountain wedding.

My GORGEOUS friend Ashley sporting my favorite haircut of all time at the wedding.

The two of us at the wedding sporting some awkward poses : )

Proof that Jon and Marlo love each other.  Napping and spooning.

Marlo looking creepy.

Quite possibly the BEST mullet of all time.  Go rockies!

Jon’s beautiful suit, shirt and tie for the wedding.  Took forever to find exactly what I (we) : ) wanted – but this was finally it!

Microbrew mania @ the Ale House.

A day at the pool with Miss Finley…notice anything strange?

Haha.  I’m so embarrassed.  Her mom pointed out her swimming diapers and I chose to not pay attention and grabbed a regular one.  Poor girl – we didn’t stay long : )

Thankfully she doesn’t appear to be too traumatized.







3 thoughts on “iPhone Photo Purging

  1. Erin

    This is smart. I’m totally stealing this for upcoming blog posts. You’re a genius. (this is my not-at-all-shocked face…)


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