Nervous Nelly

That’s what I’ve been as of late.


About this blog and about…the suburbs…dun dun dun.

We’ll just address the blog for now because it’s less scary.

It ALL started with a late night phone call from a friend that involved a big ol’ ninja comment.  A ninja comment is something that is said and then sits there all quiet and stealthy like a ninja until suddenly BAM it attacks you at the most unexpected moment.  I got owned by my ninja.

The ninja comment was as follows:

“I like the blog…a lot.  It’s a little self-indulgent and, don’t be offended, but you’re a much better writer than I would have guessed”.

Uhhhhhh WHAT?!  My blog?  Where I talk about my life, my breakfast, my cat, and my favorite lip gloss?

So this person had been drinking AND this person is not my target audience…him being A BOY and all.  But still, I like this person a lot and really respect his opinion on things like humor, entertainment, and artsy stuff.  I sorta defended myself, mostly ignored the comment, and just let the ninja just settle in my brain realllllllll nicely.  Over the next few days I sat down at my computer to write a blog post and each time I tried, I was ninja attacked.  Self indulgent.  I couldn’t get past those two stupid words.  So I didn’t write.

Here’s the deal.  I have been a blog reader for years and years, since before they were even a popular thing (oooh look at me…self indulgent AND snotty) and all of the blogs I’ve stuck with over the years are about the writers’ lives.  Some of them even posts pictures of themselves EVERY DAY to show people what they’re wearing.  At least I don’t do that.  It would be SO tragically boring (I wore the same thing three times last week).  My point it, I have followed these women through dating, depression, marriage(s), kids, separations, deaths…and their breakfasts.  I have sat at my computer and cried with them, celebrated for them, cheered for their kids and mostly laughed at them.  I’ll probably never meet or speak with a single one of them, but I read about their lives every single day of mine.  That’s the kind of blog I wanted to write this time around (I even say so on my ‘about me’ page).  So yes, my blog is a little self indulgent at the moment.  It probably always will be.  I’m mostly just trying to write as frequently and openly as I can.

I did some research before I started this blog on helpful tips and suggestions and one of them was write what you know, in your own voice.  Write how you talk.  Write what you want to read.  I think I’ve done that so far.  This might just end up being a way for my family and friends to keep up with my life somewhere outside of Facebook.

I can accept that.

But maybe a newly married girl, who’s just trying to figure it all out, will stumble upon my blog.  Maybe she’ll see herself in me and will read a little more.  She’ll find the post about breakfast at Lucille’s.  She’ll invite her girlfriends to meet there for a Sunday brunch.  They’ll try the beignets.  Maybe they’ll LOVE them.  One of the girls will say “newly married girl who’s just trying to figure it all out, how did you FIND this amazing place?”  to which the newlywed girl will most certainly reply “the Midwest Mountainess came here.  She writes one of my favorite blogs, you should check it out”.

That’s my dream for this blog.  Indulge me.


10 thoughts on “Nervous Nelly

  1. Jerri Kallroos

    True, true, and true, well said-uhm, written-both I guess because you wrote like you spoke.?! This is why I don’t write blogs because I’m not sure where my comma’s, hyphens or whatever should be. This is what I know. I enjoy reading your blog(still find it an ugly word). I feel I get to know you better and they are entertaining and informative! What’s better than that?!
    Anyway, I might not be a newly married girl anymore but maybe someday I’ll get to have another honeymoon of sorts and I might want to visit Lucille’s with my husband.
    So self-indulge on! I like reading your blog in my self-indulged alone time!!

    1. Ali Post author

      Thanks Jerri! Also, don’t worry about your comma’s and hyphens. I’m sure the grammatical errors on my blog are rampant. I just do my best. Thanks for reading!

  2. Amy Lou

    Really, what blog is not a bit self-indulgent?! You have to write what you know. You have to write about something you are passionate about. I have never read a blog that wasn’t “about me”. If it is to be original writing, it will be all about you. WRITE ON ALI! Push past those voices and write on! You offer life through your eyes and your photography. I know the person (boy) who gave you that feedback did not give it to you as a critique. Take the feedback and be okay with the feedback. If we put ourselves out there we need to be ready. WAY TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! Love and proud! ala

  3. Emily Gess

    If I didn’t want to read about you and what you were doing or wearing or buying or eating or reading or celebrating or contemplating I wouldn’t read your blog. But I do want to know what’s up with you because I like you. And I think you’re cool. Don’t change a thing. Famous bloggers gotta start somewhere…

  4. APKilla

    Evolve…that is what I see this is for you…a forum to evolve, grow, share, be real and be funny. Be all the crazy you want to be plus all the wonderful too. Keep on keeping on.

    p.s. written from your computer

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