Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.

I would like to start this post by thanking everyone who took the time to read my entry yesterday.  Midwest Mountainess had an all time high on daily site visits nearly doubling the previous number.  I had a sneaking suspicion that the mentioning of babies would get everyone going.

Too bad it’s the last you’ll be hearing about that for awhile.

At least until my next period is late. (sorry boys I should have warned you)

Speaking of site visits, blog stats, and daily readers, I wanted to take a minute and ask you all for a little help if I could.

I’m trying to increase daily traffic to my blog and so far the only way I’ve been successful is by posting new entries on Facebook.  I’d like to avoid having to do that with every post because I don’t want to annoy people and also because I don’t want people only to come to my blog when I tell them to.

I want them to want to come here – everyday.  I’m going to help them want to do that by trying to post every single weekday, at least once, and consistently in the morning (except for today).

If you’ll look over to the right of this sentence and then up, you’ll see a little space for you to type in your e-mail address and then a button that says  ‘follow me’.  You’ll also see the number of followers I currently have, which at this exact moment is 19.  I KNOW from the site stats yesterday that way more people than that are reading.

If you are a random person that accidentally stumbled upon my blog, don’t hit the follow button (unless you want to) if you don’t like what you see.  I can dig it.

But if you’re someone else, say someone like my mom (my first follower) who LOVES my blog, hit that button!  All that happens is you’ll get an e-mail whenever I publish a post.  Simple.

If eventually my bouts of anxiety and photo’s of my cat become too much for you to handle, you can simple unfollow me in the same e-mails.  Simple.  Mean…but simple.

Another way to keep up with Midwest Mountainess (for those of you not computer savvy) is to add me to your bookmarks.  On my computer I have a bookmark titled ‘blogs’ with a drop down menu of every single blog that I read and I go through that list every single day.  My goal lis to be in lot’s of people’s ‘daily reads’.  We shall see.

The third thing I’d like help with is…MORE COMMENTS!  Especially on Midwest Mountainess instead of on Facebook.  If you liked it – tell me!  If you didn’t – get lost!  : )

The NEXT (and final) thing I wanted help with (I know…sooooo needy) is the naming of my “photography business”.  That got quotes because it is SO NOT a business yet, hence the question I’m about to ask.

What in the hell should I call it?

Here are a few names I’ve been mulling over.



  • simple
  • to the point
  • will always be my name no matter where I go, live etc.


  • everybody names their photography business like this
  • doesn’t stand out

My other option was exactly the same but different.



  • see above
  • I get to use my old last name (which I love)


  • again…not very original



  • slightly more original
  • might catch the eye of someone from the midwest
  • ties into my blog


  • too specific?
  • kinda hokey?



  • original
  • ties into my blog without being the same thing
  • i can grow both ‘businesses’ together and cohesively
  • speaks to where I live and would do business


  • cheesy?
  • too specific to where I live and would do business

I don’t know guys.  It’s a big step but I need to decide so I can get the branding going, business cards printed, website started etc.  What a great opportunity for you all to leave a comment in the comments section!  : )

Go ahead and vote!  Voting will be open for a week and I’ll let you know the results once it’s over.


6 thoughts on “Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.

    1. Ali Post author

      I did think about that – my only hesitation in using studio is that I don’t/won’t have one! As in an actual space where I shoot photo’s since most or all of it will be natural light locations.

  1. Kelly

    Erin and I were just chatting and she told me you were looking for a name and then I had a hot flash. So that’s my vote. Hot Flash.
    Best of luck with it all!

  2. JHH

    I’m going with Ali Hendrickson Photography for the obvious reasons. Many of the best men/boys in my life share that last name. It has served me well all these years and one I won’t let go. :) Best of luck in your decision. I also believe it won’t matter much in the end…the photograph is awesome and will speak for itself. You have so much talent…BELIEVE.

  3. Vanessa Brooke

    Midwest Mountainess!! Love it. not cheesy, it’s clever and flows well! I voted, but I thought I’d share with you as well. But i agree with Jannet (i’m assuming JHH is Janet) that it doesn’t matter.. your photos say much more than your business name! But still… I’m saying Midwest Mountainess Photography!


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