iPhone Photo Purging

Ahhh the things I tell myself I’m going to accomplish in any given week.

It’s already Wednesday Monday and I still haven’t tied up the loose ends on 3 posts I have waiting in the wings for you all.

Le Sigh.

Instead of quality content, how about we do some low quality iPhone photo’s?

Hit it!

Great veil!

Playing with the tulle after the wedding.My poor mothers living room in the days following the big day.

The only remaining Hammerschlagen nail after the festivities.

The beautiful canopy of trees over the cabin.

The exact spot where Jon and I first met.

Jon ‘hard at work’ on our ‘honeymoon’.

Mosquito’s in Minnesota!  Yikes.

Mrs. Corwin and I  : )

My favorite beer!!!!

Minnesota Twinsies

All packed up and ready to go.

Back in Denver…. Notice the ring…I did.

First name is spelled wrong and the last name doesn’t look familiar either : )

Meow.The Finners…

…and again.

Hiking in Boulder.

Such a stud.He did it!

Pine. Cone.

Landscape.View from the top!


Beautiful Colorado.

Kind of like a lake.  Yet not at all : (

Scary sun glare.Hi guys.


Beautful Ladies.

Elly and Ashley – so pretty.

I have a thing for fire pictures.



I promise I’ll do better this week : )


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