Weekend Recap Part Deux

*Updated after a spell check.  Amateur hour around here.

I just booked two flights in two days…both to Minnesota.  I just got back from Minne two days ago.   If that doesn’t explain my love affair with that state than I don’t know what will.

Continuing on with recapping our crazy fun 4th of July week this post will consist of mostly photos.

All week we were hesitant to allow anyone on the boat that refused to do some sort of wake trickery including but not limited to skiing, wake surfing, wake boarding or tubing.  Several people got away with simply jumping off the back of the boat into the lake (mom) but most of us strapped on a life jacket and gave it the old college try.

Long story short, here are a bunch of pics of us doing insanely athletic and olympian caliber tricks behind the boat.

Here’s my truest example:

Olympian if I’ve ever seen one.

Here are some more stellar performances.Gifted and talented, every single one of us.  : )

I kid because I love.  Actually, everyone that tried did pretty well.  However, the only reason I was allowed to maniacally photograph everyone putting themselves on the line was because I promised them I would make them look cool.

Here’s me making good on my promise.

You can trust it was pretty difficult to turn the above talent level into bad asses like this:

I used some cheesy filters on me to make me look EXTRA awesome…didn’t really work as it turns out.

I did my best Ty : )
See ya tomorrow!

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