Wedding Weekend Part 3 – The Wedding!


I’m running out of steam on the blogging surge today.

However, I will not rest until all wedding photo thirsts are quenched!

(before we start I would again like to add that my duties this day were maid of honor/personal assistant and I shot what I could when I had a second – I was not the hired photographer – these would be much better if I had…promise)

The third and final installment of the Jagim Wedding Spectacular : )

Look at those two lovebirds posing for photo’s the day of their wedding.  So cute.Pretty flowers doing their best to hang on through the heat and humidity.  The A-Team (minus me of course).Andrew’s stepdad and wonderful mother.  It was so special to watch Mary all weekend reacting to her first of three son’s get married.  She was so proud of him and rightfully so because she raised a wonderful man.  Vanessa’s three adorable little nephews fascinated by the water feature in the park.  My walking partner Mike and his beautiful wife Katie!

All right everyone the time has come for what it’s all about…ceremony time.

Their ceremony took place in a bandshell in the middle of all this beautiful green space next to the water.  To prevent any of the guests from seeing the blushing bride before it all began, we shoved delicately placed her in an air conditioned car near the site.  I had the privilege of sitting in there with her, blotting makeup, applying lip gloss, and offering calming words.  I can so clearly remember how I felt in those same moments just a year ago, a crazy mix of excitement, nerves, sadness that it was almost about to be over so quickly, and elated happiness.  She felt all those same things.

Sometimes weddings can seem like an extravagant and unnecessary show.  I think most of the time that’s the case when the relationship itself is a bit of a show.  But you have to admit that when it’s the real deal, and especially when it involves people you’re particularly close to, they can be really magical.  Weddings aren’t just about all the things everyone plans for over the course of year.  I’ve found that the best parts about them are the little moments you couldn’t plan.   The time in the car, seeing yourself in your wedding dress, the glance at your new husband, the feelings you experience that you never expected.

This was my first time being in a wedding as an adult.  I have been a flower girl twice and was a junior bridesmaid in my aunt Megan’s wedding, but those weren’t the same.  To not only attend, but to stand right next to, your closest friend on her wedding day was a pretty cool experience for me.  I thought I would dread it, the whole ‘bridesmaid’ bit, but I hope to do it again some day.

(All ceremony photo credit has to be given to Jon!  Thanks Honey!)
This is one of my favorite shots from the whole weekend.   Great photo Jon!

Jon coming through with another great shot!  Andrew and his brother Ben hugging it out.
I know you’re worried about my wonky face here.  You can relax.  That’s just what it looks like when I’m trying not to trip, not to cry, and not to throw up from nerves.

It’s official!!!

Let’s party.

Can’t possibly enter a classy reception without first stopping at a local bar for some wedding party celebrating!  

The reception was a total blast and everyone danced until they kicked us out.

I have a rule that once Piano Man comes on and pants come off, it’s time to shut the camera down.  

Thank you Vanessa and Andrew for a spectacular weekend, for sharing your friends and family with all of us, and for some great memories.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend Part 3 – The Wedding!

  1. Kathy

    Ali….great photos….as usual….it looks like a great wedding. I have a question….the pictures of the groomsmen….who is the groomsman that is in the fourth photo down of the couples walking into the wedding? Is his name Brian? He looks just like someone that I work with. It has to be him but I thought I would ask…because if it isn’t him…the groomsman has a twin! : )


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