Not the first and surely not the last.

Have I been avoiding my blogging comeback like the plague?

You bet your ass I have.

It just seemed way to daunting.  I kept making excuse after excuse.

I needed to clean my desk first.  Then I needed a new candle with an inspiring scent.  Soon after my lips were too chapped to possibly manage typing.  Then the internet kept happening over and over filled with it’s devious distractions.

And THEN I simply began to avoid my computer.  Too much time had passed.  Too much had happened.  I, Ali Hendrickson, had massively failed at blogging and was a certified loser.

Whenever I’m typing these apologetic/pathetic “it’s been way too long” blog posts I wonder how many more I will write in the future.

Well I’m back now.  I’ve got my tail between my legs and am hoping for yet another bout of forgiveness from my readers.  I can’t promise my comeback will be pretty, interesting, or very exciting…but if you read this blog you’ve come not to expect any of those descriptors anyway.

: )

See you tomorrow.


P.S. I’m working on a blog facelift so please extend your patience a bit further.




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