Matt and Katie

In honor of Valentines day I thought I’d post a recent engagement shoot I did up in Beaver Creek.  Matt and Katie are both good friends of mine and we all enjoyed a great weekend skiing in the mountains and taking photos.  I was in ‘extreme photographer’ mode with my camera pack strapped to my back, ready to pull out and shoot at any moment while skiing.  It was a total blast!

I hope everyone has a great rest of their Valentines Day (whether you like it or not) and thanks for browsing!

Katie&Matt-3Katie&Matt-27Katie&Matt-20Katie&Matt-15Katie&Matt-25Katie&Matt-10M&KKatie&Matt-5Katie&Matt-24M&K2Katie&Matt-45 Katie&Matt-46Katie&Matt-30 Katie&Matt-31Katie&Matt-32Katie&Matt-33


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