Riverfront Park Engagement

I spent my entire Saturday morning last weekend looking out the window every five minutes.  Why?  Because Steven and Sarah had scheduled their engagement photos for that afternoon and the weather was TERRIBLE all morning.  Dark, stormy and insanely windy.  I drove to Riverfront Park and right before the lovebirds arrived, the skies cleared and the sun came out.  It turned into a stereotypically beautiful fall day in Denver.  It was amazing!

This pair is made up of a Denver Native (which is very rare) and a North Dakota transplant (Sarah) whose family hails from my hometown of Ada, MN.  Her Aunt Kathy is perhaps my FAVORITE blog follower (besides my mom of course) and it is thanks to her that I got to spend the day with her lovely niece and soon to be husband.  I’ve posted some of my favorites and am nervous to hear if aunt Kathy approves or not.   : )
S&S-8 S&S-5 Mashup1S&S-9S&S-10S&S-11Mashup3S&S-1S&S-3S&S-2S&S-4S&S-37S&S-38S&S-27S&S-31S&S-32Mashup2S&S-33S&S-30S&S-46S&S-42S&S-43S&S-45Mashup4S&S-40S&S-22S&S-21S&S-23S&S-16S&S-19S&S-14S&S-18S&S-56S&S-58S&S-61Mashup6S&S-64S&S-68Mashup5S&S-53S&S-54S&S-69Just love these two!  What fantastic smiles and personalities.  I can only hope that all future engagement shoots are as enjoyable as this one.  Sarah and Steven, thank you for being so amazing!


1 thought on “Riverfront Park Engagement

  1. Kathy Schutt

    Ali…thank you so much. I knew you would be the perfect person to take these photos….and I knew you would not disappoint. You captured Sarah and Steven’s personalities perfectly! You made me feel like I was there that day watching these beautiful shots being taken. Thank you Ali. And yes, I am in love with your blog….when there has been too long of a gap between posts, I start feeling scared that I may have missed something and so I go back to look at old posts…just in case. <3

    Sarah and Steven…your love screams out from these photos. I love them.
    Love. Love. Love. Miss you….which ones do you like best? I'll call soon.
    Sending hugs.


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