Webb Family 2015


These two.

They won the lottery on parents and have subsequently grown to be two of the sweetest little boys ever.  They have different personalities to be sure, but deep down they have this goodness (I credit their mom’s Minnesotan roots of course) and I just love shooting photos for them.  This is my fourth, maybe fifth year doing so?  Thanks to Rachel and Jon for calling me up every fall.  : )


We do some variation of this photo every year with Rachel.  The boys keep getting older and she just somehow remains ageless.  She’s such a beauty!


I usually have a few more photos of mister blondie above as his little brother is a bit more tentative around the camera.  Avon is such a natural in front of the lens and loves having his photo taken.  Pax makes me work a little harder for his cooperation which I don’t mind one bit, I’m the same way.  : )






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