Professional Bump Photos

The wonderful Cassidy Brooke took these photos of us in beautiful Colorado Springs and I love them SO much.  I was hesitant to take maternity photos at first as I find them to be a bit awkward and overdone sometimes.  However, I’ve heard regrets from several friends who opted not to take them and so I indulged myself and am grateful I did.  It helped that Cassidy is so great and acknowledged right off the bat that I wanted no ‘funny business’, just some beautiful photos of my husband and I during a phase in our life we’re so grateful to be in.

We can’t wait to have Cassidy in our home after Baby Hendrickson arrives and see what magic she comes up with again!






Sigh.  I think I’m going to be really sad not to be pregnant anymore.  Thankfully I’ll have these as a reminder of how great it was.

Thank you so much Cassidy Brooke Photography!


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