Thank You.

I spent 4 hours writing my first blog post (aka surfing the web in procrastinating avoidance), and countless others getting Midwest Mountainess set up and looking the way I wanted it to look (aka agonizing over how inferior my blog is to those that I read daily).  So needless to say after I pushed the publish button I refreshed my internet browser maniacally for 20 minutes waiting for the ‘ruler of the internet’ to tell me I was worthy in the comments section.  Instead – something better happened.  I got 12 likes and 7 comments on Facebook, and 2 ACTUAL Midwest Mountainess comments on the ACTUAL blog posting.  Jon and I were out to cocktails and dinner with our friends Aaron and Sarah – and I had to refrain from telling them I basically won the Oscar of blogging.  And refrain I did because that’s essentially a huge lie.  But in my mind that’s exactly what happened.  And seriously, speaking of lying, even if you were – the encouragement means the world to me.  I’m asking your patience while I get the hang of this, but I’m truly writing it for my readers.  My basic goal of this blog is to have a conversation about all the things I like reading/writing/internet surfing/shopping for/about…with you.  Thank you for coming – please come back – I will NEVER forget my first comments.  Mom, Amy, Lindsey C., Carly, Janet, Miss Courtney, Elly, Manna, Julie, Abby, Emily, Auntie Megan, Susan (and hopefully Willie), Ann, Auntie Jerri, Gretchen, and of course Luke.


1 thought on “Thank You.

  1. sarah johnson

    So, I know you wanted me to wait… but I couldn’t and here I am! Your blog is wonderful! Beautiful pics and commentary… I’m a fan:)


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