I told you so.

I don’t know how many of you read my ‘about midwest mountainess’ page, but on it I told you I was a crazy cat lady.  Jon tells me daily.  Marlo ignores him.

Anyway!  Tomorrow I’m going to do a post about some of my current favorite things since Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  But SATURDAY happens to be Marlo’s favorite day so I figured I’d fill you in on her current favorite thing.  In case anybody wants to try it. Which I doubt.

Marlo is obsessed with water.  This just furthers my opinion that she is the weirdest cat of all time.  Marlo can be clear across the condo, SLEEPING (which believe you me is her favorite thing of ALL time) but when she hears me turn on a faucet she comes sprinting in, slides across the floor trying to stop, panicked that she might miss it, and leaps onto the counter to do this:

This is how she drinks her water.

I’m CONVINCED she doesn’t drink her water in her bowl because she does the above ALL DAY LONG.

That’s only the beginning of her water obsession.  She also watches me shower.  Well not me so much, but the water.  I understand how creepy that sounds and well that’s because it is.  She sits there and watches me and bides her time until she can do this:


She licks the damn thing dry.  WEIRDEST cat ever.  Does anyone have a crazy cat or crazy dog lady story that tops this?  If so I’d love to hear it.

Marlo is not amused.


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