Engaged and of Age.

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of celebrating the engagement of our friends Taylor and Amy.

I know.  They’re HIDEOUS.  : )

Taylor was a groomsmen in our wedding and was one of the first people Jon befriended when he moved to Denver.  Shenanigans.

Amy is his breathtaking future bride.  They are part of why we’re going on vacation next month.  February 29th, the first February 29th in four years, is the date of their nuptials on the beautiful island of Maui.  We are pumped : )

Everyone gathered together on Saturday to celebrate them – it’s fun to celebrate people isn’t it?  Especially when love is involved.

Part of the reason I’m posting these pictures and this event is because I will be shooting Taylor and Amy’s wedding in Maui.  I’m really nervous to shoot such beautiful people in such a beautiful place ; )  I brought my camera with on Saturday just for fun.  It was pretty dark in the house for non-flash photo’s, but my amazing new Nikon lens did just what it said it would.

Their amazing cake – Hawaii theme of course!!

They had no way to plan this, but the Bronco’s played in their second playoff game that night.  They lost.  BIG time.  We watched until the bitter end.

The pain of the loss was curbed by delicious cocktails consumed.

It was a night filled with good friends that in getting older and moving into their own lives find it harder and harder to get together.  It was really lovely to spend the evening with them.

Her gorgeous ring is Taylors grandma’s diamond in a new setting.  It was fun to see them so in love.   It took me right back to what it felt like being engaged.

With this group – it’s not a party until the after party.

CONGRATS TAYLOR AND AMY!!  Can’t WAIT for the wedding.


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