Happy Sunday!

Like I said last weekend, Sunday is my favorite day of the week so today I’m posting some favorite finds of mine from around the web:

Some of these comparisons are so creative.

This kid is either going to love or hate his dad when he grows up.

A funny reminder of how nice it is to NOT have to date anymore.

C’mon.  Ada is totally better than you’re lame hometown.

I wish I were creative enough to make a video like this.

Mesmerizing, terrifying and insane.

Lastly, I realize these videos have been making their rounds on the internet over the last few weeks but it would be tragic if somebody missed them.  Mom I’m looking at you.  There are probably 100 different parody’s on the original, which is the first video here, but the following are my personal favorites so far.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Amy Aanenson

    I hope you are happy; I am now trying to recover from my PTSD after watching the wave clip. I am not 100% sure, but I think this was the exact wave that took me down TWICE on Big Beach in Maui. I didn’t bode well while I was trying to surf it though. So now I am in need of my anti-anxiety meds. I bid farewell in a fetal position.

  2. Lindsay C

    Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen – I love the photos of the peonies! Sigh…wish I had tons of them in vases all over my house – ALL year long! :) Love the blog and you! Denver trip soon!!!! I hope…crossing my fingers… :)


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