iPhone Photo Purging

Busy busy busy…broken record.

Let’s do a photo-dump to get back in the swing of things.  Today’s purge is ALL wedding prep ALL the time.

Wedding prep!  Tags for the favors made with love by Miss Jessica.

Mom sent me this photo to show how big the tree’s were to go inside the coliseum for the reception!

Magical wedding minions : )

More wedding minions helping with photo booth props!

Our giant Wedding to do list circa June 2011.

Handmade arbor for the ceremony pre-paint and flowers.

At home wedding hair trial #1


Figuring out tree configurations.

Megan is in a tulle coma.

Greyson risking his life for the cause.  Heidi making sure everything is even.

Time for the other side…

At home for refreshments and a quick Oscar snuggle before heading back to the madness.

Hanging the first of the ‘wedding balls’!  It’s all happening! : )

Slowly but surely progress is being made…

Photo-booth area.Yikes.  Still have a long way to go…

Are they even??  Where’s the damn staple gun!?

Photo-booth props!

I think the fly tape adds a nice touch : )

This is not the first or last time this happened.

Grandpa Pete modeling his Wedding attire ; )The wedding license!!

The dress is here!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Amy!

NOBODY touch the dress.

My mom’s arm compared to her leg pre-spray tan.

After spray tan…missed a spot!  : )

All manicured up for the big day!

Uncle Chad and Uncle Tim life risking.

Do not try this at home.  It’s very dangerous.

Wedding prep over…the morning of the wedding – view from my suite window.

The following are iPhone photo’s I took of some of the flower arrangements the day after the wedding.  They were so beautiful.

Wedding decorating was one of the funnest weeks EVER!  A lot went wrong, we came upon a lot of challenges, but it was so fun figuring it all out and making it work.  Due to my pride for the work that we all did that week, I wanted to post some photo’s (taken by Nick Wagner) of the end result.  Photo’s taken on a real camera.Following photo’s taken by my dear friend Lindsay of Lindsay Arneson Creative.


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