Hey It’s Your Birthday…

Before we begin…a disclaimer.  There are approximately 2 people that will find this post worth reading.  Erin and myself.  I apologize in advance for all inside jokes, stories and events that make absolutely no sense to anybody else.  Ahem.

Happy Birthday Miss Erin!

I know that all the hits I’ve had on my blog today are from you checking to see if I’ve posted this yet ; )

In honor of your birthday I decided to take a long trip down memory lane.  If you’re not sure where memory lane is, you can conveniently find it on Facebook.  According to Facebook (God) we became friends in December of 2006.  December 7th to be exact which I know because the very first thing either of us posted on FB was the morning after by an oh so eloquent me.

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson


It was a post in response to what had happened the night before…the night we fell in love.

I mean who wouldn’t love faces like those.

You can see our friendship developing on our Facebook walls over topics like concerts, television shows, twilight, and random things we and we alone find hilarious, like sandwiches apparantly:

Erin Rose Larsen

“It’s like I just found out my favorite love song is written about a sandwich”

(Ali in response) I like sandwiches…

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

Remember that one time you got stuck in your dress in my car?  Or that other time you sat on a homeless mans lap on a dirty street for a photo-op?  Or that other time your watched me motorboat my sandwich?  Good times.

Our memory lane carried on through me graduating college, you living in Minneapolis, me moving to Denver, you moving to California, you visiting Denver, you hating California, me making you move here.   Here are a couple Facebook wall post highlights from our then obsession with the website texts from last night:

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

“If last night was a website it would be called poordecisions.com OR uncircumcisedspanisweiner.org”

Erin Rose Larsen

“I just went to get groceries.  A cashier said she saw me last night.  I guess I carried a broom back from the party and swept the street the whole walk back…and I claimed to be in the cast of wicked.”

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

“Do you remember how we all fit in that bathtub?”


Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

There is only one person in the world that this applies to…you.

“We sang ‘a whole new world’ together.  Either he’s my gay best friend or the love of my life.”

We also have many many posts that are 100% supportive, non sarcastic, and really sweet.  By looking at the dates I can remember exactly what they were about each time.

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

E, I saw this and instantly thought of you.  

“You made me lose my sparkle.  I got it back now.”

Erin Rose Larsen

olive juice…just in case you didn’t know.

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

Thank you for being such a loyal and dedicated friend.

Erin Rose Larsen

I am very excited for you today.  Just so you know…and full of calm, positive thoughts for you…and armed with tequila and relaxing vitamins.  I’m here for you is basically what I’m trying to say.

So you finally moved to Colorado.  Boulder first, and then to Denver.  A lot has happened since those early crazy days of living in a big new place.  I left a few times.  I came back.  We grew apart a little, then grew right back together.  Jobs came and went.  Boys came and went.  A boy proposed to me.  You were maid of honor at my wedding.  I motor-boated a sandwich.

Now you’re leaving.  Going back to California for a new job.  I have no doubts it will go better than the last time.  You’re wiser now, you’re happier now, you’re confident, sparkly, and ready for what’s next.  You’re so very brave Erin.  It’s what I’ve always envied about you.  You aren’t fearless, because it’s good to have a few fears, but you are brave.  Remember that.

It was actually beneficial to read through our Facebook history because I was reminded of all the tactics I used to get you to move here in the first place.  Get ready because they’re coming again as soon as you leave.

Just ONE more doozie before I go.

Ali Kinkade Hendrickson

So I innocently put a random CD in this morning before hopping in the shower. Hell broke loose. It started with ‘My Humps’, swiftly moved on to ‘Come to Jesus’ followed by an unknown techno/tribal/yodeling song, which led us right into ‘Air Force One by Nelly followed by Lee-Ann Rimes. Finally all remaining doubt was erased from my mind when ‘Nothing but a Hound-dog’ came on…accapella. This CD belongs to you. It was like my CD player was having a seizure. And I was trapped in the shower soaking wet being traumatized with every passing second.

Oh yeah…and this too.



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