Katie’s Shower

A few weeks ago some friends and I hosted a Bridal Shower for our good friend Katie.  With the wedding only a few weeks away, I thought I’d post some photos from her day of getting spoiled.  We had so much fun and even though 15 people in our condo was tight, we all had a blast.  It was so great spending time with friends and meeting new ones, I can’t wait for the big day!Katie'sShower-7 Katie'sShower-8Katie'sShower-4Katie'sShower-5 Katie'sShower-1 Katie'sShower-3 Katie'sShower-6 Katie'sShower-2Katie'sShower-11 Katie'sShower-9Katie'sShower-14 Katie'sShower-15 Katie'sShower-17 Katie'sShower-19 Katie'sShower-12 Katie'sShower-13 Katie'sShower-20 Katie'sShower-18 Katie'sShower-21 Katie'sShower-16 Katie'sShower-22 Katie'sShower-24 Katie'sShower-25 Katie'sShower-26 Katie'sShower-23 Katie'sShower-27


4 thoughts on “Katie’s Shower

  1. Katie Bresee

    I want to do it all again!! BTW-You really captured each of my friend’s beautifully. It’s like the pictures give an insight into the different friendships. I’m so happy you’re my friend and soon to be photographer :-)

  2. Cathy

    Great photos Ali, I can’t wait to see how the wedding photos will look. Please feel free to come by and scope out the lighting any time….or through multiple days at different times. Also, cruise around Sloans…as there are great photos from each side, you get both city and mountain vies that may look really nice! Katie has my number if you don’t have it already.


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