Two down.


Yesterday, Jon and I celebrated our two year anniversary with a beautiful drive to Boulder, cocktails at Oak and a tremendous dinner at Frasca Food & Wine (which I had been anxious to try since it opened).   They always say that time flies, and it does, but when I look back at everything we’ve done in the two years we’ve been married, it’s hard to believe we packed it all in.  It truly does just keep getting better.

I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for being all mushy in such a public forum, but I will do it anyway.

I spent the better part of today trying to pinpoint why I love him so much.  Why I’m such an exceptionally lucky person to be married to him.  I came up with this.

Every single day of my life he makes me feel like the most important thing in his.

Every single day.

I know exactly where his priorities lie, I know exactly how valued and appreciated I am and our relationship is, and I know that he’d rather spend time with me doing nothing than doing anything else with anybody else.  He makes me feel that way every single day.  I try (and often fail no doubt) to make him feel the same way…but he’s just better at it.

The gift of an over the top night out with my favorite human in the world was enough, but there was more.  From the man who hates to (and won’t) buy me flowers because they soon die, I was given flowers.

But not just any flowers…

My husband went to my favorite flower shop, The Perfect Petal, and with wedding photo in hand ordered a replica of my wedding day bouquet.


It’s maybe the most thoughtful and unexpected gift I’ve ever received.

I won the damn lottery.

Flowers-6 Flowers-7This is the gesture that whenever it gets hard in the future (and I know it will) I will try to remember and remind myself of the incredible person I was lucky to marry.  Two down…lots more to go.  Can’t wait!  (mushiness ends here)  : )


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