Miss Livi

Fetting-Kinkade-5 During my three week Minnesota vacation, I got a few days solo with my baby sister Livi.  One day in particular was my favorite.  I threw her in the car with me and took her on a mini road-trip through rural Minnesota so I could snap some photos.  She wasn’t thrilled and refused to indulge me for the most part, so I just followed her around and snapped when she wasn’t paying attention.  Fetting-Kinkade-6 Fetting-Kinkade-7 Fetting-Kinkade-14 Fetting-Kinkade-15 Fetting-Kinkade-13Fetting-Kinkade-27 Fetting-Kinkade-28 Fetting-Kinkade-29So serious.  : )  I believe that’s her ‘are we done yet’ face.

Later that night I took her swimming and was flooded with memories of my own time growing up a the Dekko Community Center.  Everything looked just a little bit different and yet exactly the same.  : )

Fetting-Kinkade-32 Fetting-Kinkade-31Fetting-Kinkade-33It was good to be home.


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