A few weeks ago, while I was still on my extended Minnesota vacation, Jon and I went to my parents house for a large family dinner.  Upon arrival my adorable Aunt Angie cornered me in the kitchen and asked me to perform the task I believed to be my worst nightmare.

“Ali, will you please take some quick senior photos of Blake?”

Panic attack.

I had NEVER taken senior photos before and we had a very limited amount of light left in the evening.  I agreed to give it a shot and am relieved to say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Quite the opposite actually.

It was SO NICE to be able to direct a near adult rather than the rambunctious and uninterested toddlers I usually try to wrangle.  I’m also thrilled that Angie pushed me to do it because otherwise I never would have tried.  I’m looking forward to doing it again!

I wish we would have had more time before the sun vanished, but considering my nerves going in I’m very happy with them.

Angie gave me approval to post several of my favorites here.

BlakeFetting-8Blake.  Thank you for being such a good sport and for being a natural.  It made my job much easier. : )

BlakeFetting-30BlakeFetting-31BlakeFetting-28BlakeFetting-11BlakeFetting-19 BlakeFetting-20


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