Small Town Scenes

There’s just something about Minnesota.

For me anyway.

I can never quite pinpoint it either, but I love the landscape.  From the dense tree filled Minneapolis – St. Paul residential areas, to the winding, rolling blues and greens of the lakes, there’s just something special about it.  It calms me.  It makes me feel like myself.  I can’t explain it.

Although maybe those places, the lakes and the city, make sense to people.  The Twin Cites are obviously beautiful (in the summer at least) and the lakes…what’s not to love?  I think where I truly stump people is when I talk about my love of where I grew up.  Specifically the roads branching off to the East and South of my hometown.

It doesn’t get any flatter.  It doesn’t get much more desolate.  But I also don’t think it gets much more beautiful.

Anytime I’m in my car driving those roads I dream about trying to capture what it is about the landscape that pulls me in.  I didn’t even try during my last trip home (don’t have the right equipment…yet) but I did stop here and there to snap some small town shots.

I didn’t make it to Ada because my bargaining tools ran out with my little sister.

Next time.



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