Family Dinner

After spending nearly a month in Minnesota, we decided that couldn’t possibly be enough time and after receiving the news that baby Ellery had arrived early, we booked a last minute Labor Day trip back to meet her.

It’s funny how a planned trip and a spontaneous trip feel so much different.  When we plan a trip, I spend the entire month or two before in an excited planning mode, anxious to make the most of every moment we’re home.  I always overbook and end up feeling tugged in a million directions.

The spontaneous Labor Day trip felt indulgent and without any pressure.  No plans were made and it just worked out perfectly that my Grandpa was back from Arizona and everyone was able to gather at my parents house for a family dinner.
1231519_10151548001221991_2077706625_nThere’s just no place like home.

18 Kinkade’s, Fettings and Hendrickson’s wined and dined in the front yard on a beautiful late summer night.  My dad grilled up loads of salmon and steak, while my mom prepared corn and potato salad.  Perfect outdoor meal if you ask me.

Family-15Family-17Family-14 It may seem like we get back to Minnesota quite a bit, and we do, but nights like this are rare.  It had been well over a year since my entire immediate family (all brothers and sisters at the same time) were together at home.  I also hadn’t seen several of my cousins or my Aunt and Uncle since our wedding nearly two years ago.  Family-16 Family-1Family-2Being that everyone was home, I knew photos were unavoidable.  : )

My well trained and handsome husband posing for me while I got the light right for our group photos.  I’m only posting a few because we all want to use the results as Holiday cards.
Family-10Family-7 We are short one cousin, but otherwise here is Grandpa Pete with all his grandkids!  The cousin missing is another boy…can you tell why I waited so long for Livi?  I was totally outnumbered!Family-18Nights like this are what tug so hard at my heartstrings when I’m back in Denver.  I just have to remind myself that it wouldn’t always be like this, and that if we book enough trips home, the stars usually align to make it happen.

It was a good night.


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