Baby Hadley

BabyHadley-16Meet Hadley Ryan Jagim.  I love her.  Not in a random way, but in a ‘she grew into a person inside my best friend’ kinda way.  I also happen to be her very proud godmother.  It’s a co-godparent type of situation along with my husband, but mostly she’s mine.  : )


I was lucky enough to spend several days with the new family right as Hadley turned two weeks old.  While in Erie, I took some snapshots and iPhone photos around the house as well as more formal family photos.  I thought I would throw some up here and officially start my ‘Auntie Ali’ brag book.BabyHadley-3 I could have sat and stared at these two all day.  It was a pretty magical thing for me to watch.BabyHadley-5 I couldn’t leave Erie, PA without getting some photos of Andrew and Vanessa’s first babies/fur babies.  : )BabyHadley-4BabyHadley-2 BabyHadley-1 IMG_4885 IMG_4846Riggins stepped right in for Jon and slept with me every night.  Although he gives me much more space than Jon does.  : )

They’re so cute.  But…not as cute as Hadley! IMG_4902

One night while mommy napped, Haddie and I fell in love.

IMG_4921IMG_4906 IMG_4910I mean……………..does it get better than that?!!?

IMG_4890 IMG_4844 IMG_4875

Alright alright.  Enough of my crappy iPhone photos.  Onward.

Vanessa, Hadley, the pups and I spent a morning together getting ready before heading to Andrew’s new office for some photos.

It was so lovely.  Little coffee, little bath time, couple dirty diapers, and holding the baby so mommy could get pretty.

BabyHadley-27 BabyHadley-33 BabyHadley-34BabyHadley-20 BabyHadley-25BabyHadley-35BabyHadley-14 BabyHadley-13
Once the girls were all prettied up, we headed to Gannon University to see Dr. Andrew Jagim in action and take some family portraits around campus.  BabyHadley-39 BabyHadley-44 BabyHadley-45HadleyJagim1BabyHadley-47BabyHadley-64HadleyJagim2BabyHadley-52BabyHadley-57BabyHadley-67BabyHadley-66BabyHadley-73BabyHadley-77BabyHadley-80 BabyHadley-79BabyHadley-82BabyHadley-76BabyHadley-85BabyHadley-86BabyHadley-91BabyHadley-92HadleyJagim3BabyHadley-104BabyHadley-106BabyHadley-97So class, what have we learned here today?

She’s an angel.  A stunningly beautiful angel in the flesh.  I can’t wait to kiss her head to toe in one hopefully short month!

I love you Jagim family!!BabyHadley-99 BabyHadley-100


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