Farewell Summer.

Alright it’s official.

I’m letting go and admitting to myself that summer is over.

I know you Minnesota people think I’m crazy, that summer has been over for a long time, but here in Denver we’ve still been getting sunny and near 70 degree weather (which feels much warmer).

I’ll start looking at homes for sale in Denver for all of you immediately.

Anyway, summer is over.

I’m not happy about it.  But, I figure that once our ski’s get tuned up, a new pair of Uggs are purchased, and I start sleeping in sweats every night that it’s time to accept defeat.

It usually takes me a few weeks to turn the corner and get excited for another beautiful Colorado winter and ski season, but this year it happened much quicker.  I can’t wait!  I made major skill progress last season and am hopeful that I didn’t lose it all over the summer.

Something else that’s aiding in my ‘summer is over sadness’ is that the week of Thanksgiving  Jon and I will be visiting Paris!  He surprised me with the plane tickets when I got back from Erie, and although he only gave us two weeks to plan, we feel ready and are so flipping excited!!

I decided that in ONE last attempt to hang onto those summer rays I would post the photos of our big lake trip in August.  We were lucky again this year to get to Christian’s cabin as well as Jon’s family cabin.  Looking at these photos reminds me once again that MN in the summer is the best place on earth.

2013Lake-3 2013Lake-7 It’s always so fun to see all the boys back together again.2013Lake-2 2013Lake-1 2013Lake-6 2013Lake-4Yes, the watermelon cups were back and Anna loved them!2013Lake-5This guy became a first time papa just weeks after this photo was taken.  Look at him here with his beer and his cluelessness.  : ) 2013Lake-9 2013Lake-10 2013Lake-8 2013Lake-13 2013Lake-11 These two.  : )2013Lake-122013Lake-16 Yeah.  All that and she’s got a rock hard body.  HATE her.  2013Lake-14 2013Lake-17 THESE two announced they were expecting baby number two.  BABIES!  EVERYWHERE!2013Lake-15As predicted, we had a great weekend with friends only to head into an epic week with family.

There was a lot of horsin’ around.

2013Lake-19 2013Lake-21 Even better, the stars aligned and we got to have Max back from Dubai for the week.  I can’t even believe the luck.  It was so great.2013Lake-22 2013Lake-23 2013Lake-25 2013Lake-26 2013Lake-272013Lake-18 My ‘crew’ at the cabin.  I’m a lucky girl.2013Lake-28 2013Lake-29 2013Lake-32 2013Lake-30 2013Lake-342013Lake-37 PelicanLake-4 PelicanLake-6 PelicanLake-9 Miss Remi stole my heart.  Don’t look into her eyes for too long or you’ll be hooked too.PelicanLake-122013Lake-38 2013Lake-39 Because it’s the best lake.  Duh.2013Lake-35 2013Lake-36All the random alcohol bottles hidden in the depths of the cabinets along with their name assignments for finishing.  2013Lake-41 2013Lake-44 2013Lake-46 2013Lake-42 2013Lake-452013Lake-47 2013Lake-562013Lake-49While the rest of us ‘did work’ on the 25 or so random 1/4 full bottles of alcohol stuffed in random cupboards, these two did actual work.  I think those are their thinking caps.
2013Lake-87 2013Lake-89 Ever seen somebody shotgun a lim-a-rita?2013Lake-90 2013Lake-91 Now you have.  And he was never the same.2013Lake-92 Photos like this make my heart so happy.  Love those boys.2013Lake-93PelicanLake-2We even squeezed in an afternoon with the crazy busy Jennie Hendrickson!  It was such a great trip home, one for the record books if you ask me.  Already looking forward to next summer.  Too soon?  : )


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