Pine to Palm

It’s my party and I’ll blog when I want to.

Hello everyone.  Is the holiday season crazy or WHAT?!?  I even started early this year!  I don’t know what happens.  Whew.  I think I’m done though.  I mailed Christmas cards and shipped my last bundle of packages today, baked cookies and finished shopping yesterday and have now moved on to cleaning our place before we leave for 8 days.

My mom seems to blame some mythical ‘missing week’ between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  I feel like it’s the same every year.  There’s always one more gift to get, one more errand to run, one more christmas party to attend…blah blah blah.  Regardless of the mayhem lately, I’m very excited to be going back to Ada for Christmas as we’ve missed the last two.  I know everybody says this about their childhood home, but Christmas is magical at my house.  Especially since we still have a little Livi around.  I credit my parents for having a beautiful snow covered cozy yard, a beautifully decorated cozy house, and deliciously prepared cozy meals.

Also because my family is awesome.  Except for that Livi.  She’s a real jerk.  : )

The biggest downside (maybe the only one) about going back to MN for Christmas is the flipping weather.  More so than ever, Jon and I have realized what huge wimps we are about the cold.  It seems to get worse every year.   I feel that we are in NO WAY prepared for what we’ll be encountering when we arrive in the tundra.  Here is some perspective on why we have such wimpy attitudes.  I was wearing a light long sleeve t-shirt and jeans two days ago and actually rolled down my window for some air because it was so warm out.  It creeped right up on 70 degrees.  Beautiful December day in Denver.  People were wearing skirts!

Do you know how cold it’s been in Ada!!???  Barely creeping up on ZERO degrees. Most days it’s so cold that the thermometers just give up.  Last night the high was 0 degrees and the low was -1.  It’s like make believe of the worst kind.  Today Jon and I played hooky and snuck up to Keystone for our first ski day of the year.  I was bundled head to toe in my usual layered masterpiece and at one point declared I was ‘a bit chilly’.  He should have slapped me because it was around 40 degrees and sunny.  I’m shivering just thinking about getting off the plane in Fargo.

Back to the blogging.

I think that due to all this talk about winter, and the fact that I don’t declare it being winter in Denver until I’m on a ski slope (which happened today) I will welcome in my official first day of winter with my official last post about summer.  Things have gotten very official around Midwest Mountainess lately.

This should warm my thoughts up nicely.

Every year the same question hangs on the lips of the entire world:

“When will Ali and Jon be at the cabin this summer?”

Every year the same answer comes from our mouths.

“We have no idea.”

We end up picking and choosing different dates due to work schedules, deals closing, weddings happening, babies being born, etc.

Somehow those dates almost never fall on Jon’s favorite week of them all…

…Pine to Palm week.  (golf claps)

It comes and it goes and he’s usually in Denver moping that he didn’t get to play AGAIN THIS YEAR!  THE INJUSTICE!

Well…things changed this past summer and we made it happen.  It was a highlight of our entire year and we had such a blast.


Gotta admit, I love a man in golf gear.
2013Lake-65As you can see it’s a fairly relaxed tournament.  : )  Which is also why it’s SO AWESOME!2013Lake-83 2013Lake-61Don’t let anyone holding a styrofoam cup fool you…it’s full of a bloody mary.  Every time.  2013Lake-58 2013Lake-63 2013Lake-76 Part of what made the week so special is that all the ‘cabin boys’ made it up there as well to watch the golfers play.  Even Max made it back from Dubai.   Jon had never gotten to play with his cousin Tyler and they organized it so that the first day they all were in the same flight.2013Lake-80 2013Lake-842013Lake-79 2013Lake-772013Lake-62 2013Lake-72 2013Lake-70 2013Lake-86 2013Lake-742013Lake-73 2013Lake-82Cuties.  2013Lake-68 The golfers may not have won any hardware for the mantle at the cabin, but the rest of us won big time getting to sip on Bloody Mary’s and bask in the Minnesota sunshine with our favorites.2013Lake-75 2013Lake-78All in all and as usual, it was a fabulous week spent with even more fabulous people.  Jon and I always leave weeks at the cabin with such warm fuzzies that we start to contemplate maybe moving back to Minnesota.  That is until it snows in September, hits -50 with windchill in November and remains dark from then on until May.

Happy Holidays!  Hope you’re warm wherever you are.  Paris posts coming soon.  : )


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