Cañon City, Colorado.

GrandpaPete-4This post is mostly just for my mom.  : )

Her dad, my grandpa, came to Colorado recently for a funeral.  He stayed with us the few days he was here, and while in town we took him to Cañon City to visit his big brother Virgil.  These are just some snapshots from the lovely spring day we spent with the pair of geezers.  : )
GrandpaPete-5GrandpaPete-2GrandpaPete-3GrandpaPete-7 GrandpaPete-6 GrandpaPete-8GrandpaPete-1GrandpaPete-11 GrandpaPete-12 GrandpaPete-13GrandpaPete-19 GrandpaPete-14 GrandpaPete-15GrandpaPete-16 GrandpaPete-17 GrandpaPete-20 GrandpaPete-21 GrandpaPete-23GrandpaPete-22 GrandpaPete-27GrandpaPete-25 GrandpaPete-24 GrandpaPete-18GrandpaPete-26


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