Lee Family

LeeFamily-26Meet sweet baby M.  She’s the newest addition to our group of friends out here in Denver.  I swung by their house to get some family photos and since it was MUCH too cold to go outside we found some light in the living room and did our thing.  : )LeeFamily-7LeeFamily-2LeeFamily-1LeeFamily-4LeeFamily-5LeeFamily-9LeeFamily-10LeeFamily-22LeeFamily-21LeeFamily-27LeeFamily-30LeeFamily-24

I can’t even deal with those lips.  She’s such a beauty!


Somebody was tuckered out!  She didn’t want to wake up for the camera so we just let her snooze away.

LeeFamily-39LeeFamily-38LeeFamily-41LeeFamily-43LeeFamily-46It’s so cool to see these two settled into their brand new home with their brand new baby!  Can’t wait to watch this little nugget grow up.


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