Ross and Blythe

Chorn-Cohen-13Would you just look at those little lovebirds.  Ross and Blythe were set up on a ‘blind ski date’ exactly two years ago by the most amazing human that ever lived.  That human is me.  : )  It seemed only fitting that I get to shoot the engagement photos of the first successful match I have made.Chorn-Cohen-18Chorn-Cohen-17Chorn-Cohen-20Chorn-Cohen-15Chorn-Cohen-16Blythe’s dad has a home in Genesee so we drove up for the morning and let the mountains be our backdrop.  Chorn-Cohen-11Chorn-Cohen-10Chorn-Cohen-14Chorn-Cohen-28Chorn-Cohen-29


Chorn-Cohen-30Chorn-Cohen-32Chorn-Cohen-34Chorn-Cohen-44Chorn-Cohen-36Chorn-Cohen-38Chorn-Cohen-40Congratulations you two!  I’m looking forward to all that 2016 has in store for you.Chorn-Cohen-37


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