You Belong Here

Photos by the wonderful Cassidy Brooke Photography

(taken at 12 days old)

Words by M.H. Clark from my favorite book You Belong Here

(which I cannot get through without crying)

: )


The stars belong in the deep night sky

and the moon belongs there too, 

and the winds belong in each place they blow by

and I belong here with you.


The whales and the fishes belong in the sea

and the waves belong by the shore

and the dune’s where the grasses belong to be

because grasses are what dunes are for.


And the trees belong in the wild wood

and the deer belong in their shade,

and the birds belong so safe and good

and warm in the nests that they’ve made.


And you belong where you love to be, 

and after each day is through,

you will always belong right next to me 

and I’ll belong next to you.


The frogs and the lilies belong in the lake,

where the water is silver and clear,

and the turtles belong in the homes that they make

in the sand where the water is near.


And the otters belong by the banks of the stream

and the cattails belong there too,

and the carp belong where the water runs green

and the shadows all run blue.


And you belong right here, where you’re home,

and where I hold you close.

Of all the wonders I’ve ever known,

you’re the one I love the most.


The hares belong in the desert air

where the rocks are red and gold,

and those rocks belong with the comets out there,

which flash bright when the night turns cold.


The foxes belong in the high canyon hills

and the sage there belongs in the sun,

and the lizards belong in the light, sitting still,

until they are ready to run.


The crickets belong in the old stone wall

and the bees belong in the clover,

just as winter belongs in its place after fall,

before the new year starts over.


And you are a dream that the world once dreamt 

and now you are part of its song,

That’s why you are here, in the place where you’re meant,

for this is right where you belong.


The pines belong on the mountainsides,

tucked under their blankets of snow,

and the bears belong in the caves where they hide

whenever the storm starts to blow.


Some creatures were made for the land, or the air,

and others were made for the sea;

each creature is perfectly home right there

in the place it belongs to be.


And no matter what places you travel to,

what wonders you choose to see,

I will always belong right here with you,

and you’ll always belong with me.



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