Leo – Month 1

This may have been the best January ever on record.

We brought Leo into the world on January 10th and brought him home on the 12th and every day since has been so much fun.  Really, every day.  The worst day I can think of was STILL awesome because – Leo.

As a gift in honor of his one month birthday, I awkwardly propped that little nugget up on his rocker and snapped some photos.


I had to restrain myself from scooping his little naked body up after every shot.  Everyone should hold a naked baby once a day.  It’s good for the soul.



Can’t allow all the photos to be beautiful.  Cue the random iPhone shots…


Oh wait, they’re all still beautiful because…Leo.  : )


Processed with VSCO with b1 preset




Hardest part of month one was hands down breast feeding. In hindsight, the terrible part of it only lasted about 4 days, but they were the longest four days of my life. We’re doing much better now, I actually look forward to it, but nobody warned me how tough it could be.

Easiest part of month one was sleeping (don’t kill me). He has been an excellent sleeper since day one and I cross my fingers every day that it keeps up.

Worst thing that happened was that the second week of his life I got the baby blues every single day at around 4:00 p.m. Thankfully I was able to identify what was happening and had pretty great self awareness, but even so, I would uncontrollably cry every day at that time no matter what. It sucked and was super frustrating.

Best thing that happened is impossible to name. Probably the giant exhale I took after having him in my arms and being told he was not only completely healthy but an absolute physical specimen.  : )

Most Unexpected thing about month one was how quickly my mind was lost. I couldn’t remember any details about our time in the hospital after we got home, I’d forget what I was doing, I’d go into Target and just stare into space. It’s gotten better but baby brain is a real thing.

Most Loved Baby Item of month one is a split. Jon really loves the baby wipes warmer. I do too. People think it’s kind of an unnecessary luxury item but I am here to tell you it is not. When you’re changing a diaper in the middle of the night (or any time really) and the warm wipes prevent your newborn from crying themselves awake – it’s worth every damn penny. My favorite baby item of month one is the Fisher Price Rock & Play. He napped his life away in that snuggly little thing and liked it way more than his overpriced ‘swing’. I think it’s worth splurging for the deluxe version as the fabrics are so much softer and snugglier.

Funniest thing that happened were the epic stretching sessions he’d perform after every snooze. You’d really get a sense of how strong he was and his facial expressions would crack us up every time.

Milestones were nearly every single thing he did.  So instead, a milestone for me was getting through breastfeeding without having to supplement while also successfully pumping reserves and with him gaining a ton of weight – hurray!

Favorite Memory from month one is like asking me to choose my favorite child (spoiler…it’s Leo).  If I HAD to choose, I would say…

I can’t choose.  Best month of my life.

Favorite Outfit from month one is this oneleonewbornmine-29

Favorite Photo is this oneleonewborn-7

Funniest Photo is this one…IMG_5490

See you next month!


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