Leo – Month 2


This baby is messing with us, I swear.

He is so chill, so happy, and a great sleeper.  We waited all of month one and into month two for the proverbial shoe to drop, but it hasn’t yet.  We’re hoping this is his personality because so far it’s awesome.





Funniest face he’s ever made.  Hands down.  : )


He’s growing so fast, which is made worse by the fact that he’s super long, and so he seems bigger than he is.  He also hates being held like a baby and prefers to stand up whenever possible. He’s so adorable and so sweet and watching his personality develop is a treat.

You know how this goes now…iPhone shots coming up next!




Hardest part of month two was being cooped up inside during bad weather. We really enjoy our walks around Washington Park and would get a serious case of stir crazy when it would be too cold to take him outside.

Easiest part of month two was getting him on a schedule as he pretty much created his own!  When you have a great sleeper/napper combined with a great eater, life is pretty good.

Worst thing that happened month two was my skin losing it’s mind due to all the hormones coming and going.  Nothing to make you feel beautiful like a broken out face a month after giving birth.

Best thing that happened month two was attending my breast feeding ‘circle’ with my lactation consultant and realizing how much he was eating and how much weight he’d put on. Do NOT underestimate the stress that comes with making sure you’re newborn has enough to eat or the joy in finding out that he does.

Most Unexpected thing that happened month two was that we moved him from sleeping next to my bedside in a co-sleeper into his crib in his room. I thought he’d be in our room until 6 months old (as that’s the recommendation), but he napped so well in his crib, and was keeping us up at night with his grunts and sleep shenanigans, that we tried it out one night and it was a huge success! He’s been in his crib every night since and everyone is sleeping great. You really just have to do what’s right for you and your family and follow your gut.

Most loved baby item from month two (and probably every month) are his KicKee Pants pajamas. They are the softest, stretchiest, coziest, cutest pajamas on earth. I was gifted a swaddle blanket from the same brand from my friend Emily and he hasn’t taken a single nap without it since. They’re amazing and we’ve stocked him up through month 9 in all of the CUTEST patterns.

Funniest thing that happened month two is a typical ‘parent of a boy’ story.  Right when his little tushy hit the bath water…pee everywhere, he’s even hit himself in the eye a time or two.  He LOVES baths, so much, and not just because he gets a free pee in.  Hopefully we’ve got a water baby!

Milestones from month two were going down to only one wake-up per night (after his 10:00 dream-feed), finding his hands (to suck on of course) and this kid loves standing up more than anything in life.

Favorite Memory was a morning I had gone into Leo’s room to get him and brought him back into our bed for a bit. Leo, Jon and I spent about thirty minutes snuggled up together, which had happened before and has happened since, but I was hyper aware of it that morning for some reason. It was one of those moments you dream about when you imagine starting a family. The sun was shining in through our windows, Leo was bursting with smiles, Jon was holding him. I remember realizing that it was happening and took a few seconds to just let my heart swell and bathe in gratitude for this baby and what he has brought to my life before quickly jumping back in to be in the moment.

Favorite Outfit from month two is this one for obvious reasons…A28A1E68-8526-4A65-968C-DF68EC9142E8.jpg

Favorite photo is this one because his face in that hat with that nuk…just…kills…me.IMG_5705

Funniest Photo award for month two has to be this one.IMG_5544

See you in month three!


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