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Miss Finley…all grown up.

This girl needs no introductions as she’s been appearing on this blog for years and years.  It had been awhile (too long I’ll admit) since i’d seen her and she was certainly taller and generally older looking overall, but it wasn’t until I glanced at a frozen image of her on the back of my camera that I realized how much she’s grown up.  It put a little lump in my throat.  It’s interesting how a still image can show you something that even seeing someone in person can’t.   Miss Finley, you haven’t lost your touch in front of the lens.  : )2015Finley-62015Finley-122015Finley-72015Finley-5MashupFHart12015Finley-112015Finley-10MashupFHart42015Finley-132015Finley-142015Finley-152015Finley-32015Finley-522015Finley-532015Finley-582015Finley-572015Finley-382015Finley-392015Finley-42MashupFHart22015Finley-372015Finley-502015Finley-462015Finley-26MasupFHart32015Finley-45


Austin Turns One!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to future Ralph Lauren model, Austin.  He is the firstborn of some very good friends of ours and we all hung out at our neighborhood park to snag some photos of this handsome boy.

ATurano-11He was a little shy at first, naturally, but after I proved that the camera wasn’t scary and I am in fact a fun person to hang out with…the smiles started showing up.MashupATurano1ATurano-8ATurano-9ATurano-10ATurano-16He looks SO MUCH like his dad and it’s hysterical when he makes these faces because I can’t help but envision his dad doing it instead.  Cracks me up every time.MasupATurano2ATurano-36ATurano-3ATurano-4MashupATurano3ATurano-12ATurano-26MashupATurano6ATurano-7ATurano-17ATurano-6

In case you were curious where he gets his good looks…..


…genes.  It’s science.  : )

MashupATurano4ATurano-22ATurano-23ATurano-24ATurano-25ATurano-38ATurano-55ATurano-56MashupATurano7ATurano-50MashupATurano5ATurano-51I am so glad these guys asked me to document their baby turning one.  Here’s to many more years to come!!

Riverfront Park Engagement

I spent my entire Saturday morning last weekend looking out the window every five minutes.  Why?  Because Steven and Sarah had scheduled their engagement photos for that afternoon and the weather was TERRIBLE all morning.  Dark, stormy and insanely windy.  I drove to Riverfront Park and right before the lovebirds arrived, the skies cleared and the sun came out.  It turned into a stereotypically beautiful fall day in Denver.  It was amazing!

This pair is made up of a Denver Native (which is very rare) and a North Dakota transplant (Sarah) whose family hails from my hometown of Ada, MN.  Her Aunt Kathy is perhaps my FAVORITE blog follower (besides my mom of course) and it is thanks to her that I got to spend the day with her lovely niece and soon to be husband.  I’ve posted some of my favorites and am nervous to hear if aunt Kathy approves or not.   : )
S&S-8 S&S-5 Mashup1S&S-9S&S-10S&S-11Mashup3S&S-1S&S-3S&S-2S&S-4S&S-37S&S-38S&S-27S&S-31S&S-32Mashup2S&S-33S&S-30S&S-46S&S-42S&S-43S&S-45Mashup4S&S-40S&S-22S&S-21S&S-23S&S-16S&S-19S&S-14S&S-18S&S-56S&S-58S&S-61Mashup6S&S-64S&S-68Mashup5S&S-53S&S-54S&S-69Just love these two!  What fantastic smiles and personalities.  I can only hope that all future engagement shoots are as enjoyable as this one.  Sarah and Steven, thank you for being so amazing!

Family Photos in Boulder

Mallon-Nuefeld-99Tis the season for family photos!

I got to take a day trip to the ALWAYS beautiful Boulder Colorado to meet up with this favorite family of mine.  We have had an insanely beautiful fall in Colorado this year and this Saturday morning was no different.  Warm sunshine and happy kids make for an easy day for this photographer.

These were some of my favorites from the day.  Mallon-Nuefeld-2Mallon-Nuefeld-4Mallon-Nuefeld-6Mallon-Nuefeld-93Mallon-Nuefeld-94Mallon-Nuefeld-7Mallon-Nuefeld-11Mallon-Nuefeld-105Mallon-Nuefeld-108Mallon-Nuefeld-109Mallon-Nuefeld-125Mallon-Nuefeld-55Mallon-Nuefeld-53Mallon-Nuefeld-135Mallon-Nuefeld-138Mallon-Nuefeld-144Mallon-Nuefeld-146Mallon-Nuefeld-31Mallon-Nuefeld-25Mallon-Nuefeld-27Mallon-Nuefeld-132Mallon-Nuefeld-19Mallon-Nuefeld-20Mallon-Nuefeld-21Mallon-Nuefeld-129Mallon-Nuefeld-91Mallon-Nuefeld-89Mallon-Nuefeld-87Mallon-Nuefeld-83Mallon-Nuefeld-96

Puppy Brother

Mashup7Anyone that frequents this blog recognizes this face.

It’s the face that Miss Finley Hart has been absurdly lucky to be blessed with.

That mug of hers has been seen here, herehere and many times in-between.

PuppyBrother-57How it’s possible for her to get more adorable by the day I have NO IDEA.

That. Face. Kills. Me.PuppyBrother-58


Well hang on to your ovaries ladies because if you think THAT is adorable…you have no idea what you’re in for.  For that face was just given a brand new puppy brother and the combination of the two should be ILLEGAL!

PuppyBrother-44Meet Shamus Hart.

I warned you.

Mashup6PuppyBrother-50Mashup4PuppyBrother-51 PuppyBrother-53 PuppyBrother-52Mashup3PuppyBrother-11 PuppyBrother-30 PuppyBrother-31PuppyBrother-20PuppyBrother-5PuppyBrother-6PuppyBrother-8PuppyBrother-17PuppyBrother-18Stop.

Just stop.

I can’t take it.

Mashup2 PuppyBrother-9 Mashup5 PuppyBrother-41 Mashup1PuppyBrother-25 PuppyBrother-26 PuppyBrother-27



I don’t know what else to say.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the new puppies you all go out and immediately buy after viewing this.  PuppyBrother-43